Lamb and Pig Feed

We carry a full line of sheep and hog feed that will help you get the most out of your animals whether you have one or one thousand. We’ll save you money, too!

Nutrition for Every Stage of Life

From birth to butcher, sheep and pigs have different nutritional needs depending on what stage of life they are in. Cache Feeds carries a full line of lamb and pig feed for area farmers. Whether you’re raising livestock for fun, for show, or for profit, we’ll help you develop a nutrition program that works for your animals and your bottom line. Call us today for more information.

Lamb Feeds

Lamb Feeds

Lamb Flex incorporates the latest advances in low lamb feed programs. Lamb Flex is a highly-palatable, textured feed designed as a Starter/Grower/Finisher for show lambs, replacement ewe lambs, rams, and the entire breeding herd.

Westway Sweetcake Sheep and Lamb

One of the keys to a profitable operation is efficiency. In the cattle business, that means herd health and breed backs. We have a full line of free choice minerals to keep your animals healthy and profitable. Technologically advanced show feeds—the choice of champions.

Swine Feeds

Cache Feeds incorporates the latest advances in show pig feeds. Cache Feeds has years of experience producing swine feed. Feeds are formulated for performance goals, herd health, and specific customer requirements. A variety of pellet and mash feeds are available. Formulated to maximize pigs per litter, promote optimal reproductive health, and maintain herd health.

Swine Starter

Medicated starter feed for baby pigs up to 92 days old.

Swine Grower

18% protein medicated grower ration.

Show Pig Finisher

18% protein medicated formula for enhanced muscle development on show pigs.