A single horse or a full stable, we have the equine feed you need to keep your horse in top condition. We don’t use fillers which cost you money down the line.

Quality Equine Feed

A balanced diet plays an important role in proper horse care, but choosing a quality equine feed can be confusing. Whether you’re a first-time horse owner or are an experienced rider with a full stable, knowing how, what, and when to feed your horse will go a long way in keeping it strong and healthy. Cache Feeds carries a full line of top-quality equine feed for horses of every age and breed, and we would be happy to run a nutrient analysis on the hay you’re currently feeding to help you make an informed decision on which is best for your situation. Stop in today or give us a call to learn more.

Give Your Horse the Nutrients it Needs to Thrive

Like you, we love horses. We understand that feed fillers save money at checkout, but they may end up costing you thousands of dollars in vet bills the future. Whether you ride competitively or for pleasure, or have simply given a horse a reliable place to call home, we’ll help you find the right equine ration based on your horse’s age, size, activity level, and nutritional needs.

Elite Equine Feeds

Why Choose Elite Equine Feed?

All feeds are formulated by Kentucky Equine Research, the world’s foremost private equine nutrition and exercise physiology company, which provides unrivaled technical support to our customers.

All formulas include natural vitamin E, which greatly increases the antioxidant properties of feeds and the health of your horses.

All feeds are locally manufactured and specifically formulated to balance the forages grown in our region.

Digestive aids are included in feeds to support the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Our goal is to provide the best nutrition available for your horse. Guaranteed.

Elite Foundation A – (CP 14%, Fat 4%, Fiber 8%)
Elite Foundation G – (CP 17%, Fat 4%, Fiber 8%)

Elite Foundation is offered in two formulas, Foundation A for horses fed primarily alfalfa forage and Foundation G for horses fed predominantly grass forage. Both formulas provide appropriate levels and ratios of macro- and microminerals essential for proper skeletal growth. High-quality protein sources ensure optimal levels of lysine to promote muscle development and function. The inclusion of natural vitamin E boosts the immune building blocks in the milk of lactating mares and serves as a powerful antioxidant for all body systems. Lactating mares, gestating mares, weanlings, and yearlings will benefit from Elite Foundation.

Elite Senior (CP 15%, Fat 5%, Fiber 14%)

Elite Senior is scientifically formulated to meet the changing nutritional and energy requirements of aging horses. As horses mature, they require extra protein, minerals, and vitamins for top-notch health, and most need less energy as their workload decreases. Special attention has been given to the formulation of Elite Senior to ensure the chosen ingredients provide energy from multiple sources such as fat, fiber, and starch. Also includes Glucosamine, to provide maximize joint health.

Elite Edge (CP 14%, Fat 8%, Fiber 8%)

Elite Edge is an energy-rich feed that is fully fortified with readily-absorbed chelated minerals and appropriate concentrations of vitamins, in particular vitamin E. Elite Edge is formulated using technologically advanced ingredients such as flaked grains, beet pulp, and soy oil to provide working horses with a unique variety of energy sources for a continual supply of cool, safe energy. All classes of horses will benefit from the superior nutrition provided in Elite Edge.

Elite Trackmaster (CP 15%, Fat 8%, Fiber 7%)

Elite Trackmaster sets the standard in premium feeds for equine athletes. Safe energy sources from a variety of ingredients including soy oil, beet pulp, flaked barley, and flaked soybeans provide continual energy throughout an exercise bout, from the first stride to the winner’s circle. Chelated minerals are included in optimal quantities and ratios to ensure optimal health and well-being. The inclusion of natural vitamin E helps maintain and support the immune system of hard-working horses.

Elite Safe Carb (CP 10%, Fat 5%, Fiber 31%)
Elite Complete (CP 13%, Fat 2%, Fiber 19%)

Elite Complete is designed as a total balanced diet for all categories of mature horses, though it is specifically formulated for horses in light to moderate work and horses having difficulty chewing long-stem hay. Elite Complete can be fed as a true complete feed, fulfilling the horse’s daily forage and vitamin, mineral, protein, and energy requirements. Elite Complete can also be fed as a supplement to a long-stem hay or pasture feeding program.

UltaMin 2X Pellet

UltaMin 2X is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement for horses of all ages on alfalfa based diets. It provides all of the daily essential nutrients needed for optimal health, growth, and performance. The ingredients in UltaMin 2X specifically support high immune function, gut health, hoof growth, and mane and tail luster. UltaMin 2X is the logical choice of astute horse owners because it provides a correctly balanced nutrient profile at a low daily cost. Nutritional support is always available by calling product development directly at 801-540-2895.