A Little More About Cache Commodities

Read more about how Cache Feeds got its start. Rod Curtis is a fourth-generation cattleman and the third generation in the grain business. Feed is in our blood!

Rod Curtis

Some of the best farmers in the world learned their trade at the elbows of their fathers and grandfathers. Rod Curtis is no exception. The owner of Cache Feeds, Rod is proud to be a Curtis-family fourth generation cattle farmer and the third generation in the grain business.

In 1988, Rod founded Cache Feeds and set out on a mission to learn as much as he could about animal physiology and nutrition in order to improve the effectiveness of cattle feed and improve the bottom lines of farmers and ranchers throughout the region. Cache Feeds has become Cache Valley’s intermountain region preferred supplier of premium, proprietary feeds for a wide range of domestic animals, including dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits, and more.

At Cache Feeds, we’ve worked hard to build a network of trusted relationships with nutritional experts who understand the needs of cattle in our region and the quality of the components grown here. We work closely with farmers to create solutions to their feeding needs that are both effective and protect their bottom lines.

Much of the research and development that goes into our products is done at Cache Cattle, which is also owned by Rod. “We wouldn’t sell you anything we haven’t had proven results with ourselves.” Cache Cattle has been honored with many regional and national awards for its show cattle. Cache Feeds has recently supported many show champions.

Alex Anderson

Was raised in the Cache Valley and has worked with Cache Cattle Company since he was a young boy. Alex began with Cache Commodities in 2010 and works with both Dairy, Feedlots, and bagged feed accounts.