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We raise cows ourselves, so we understand that you are under a lot of pressure to produce a quality product while protecting your bottom line; please call us today.

Custom, High-Quality Cattle Feed

Cache Feeds is the premier beef and dairy cattle feed supplier. We understand that no two cattle operations are the same, which is why we avoid a “one size fits all mentality” when it comes to feed. As a 4th generation cattle producing family, we understand that dairy farmers and commercial ranchers need the best quality feed available on the market at prices that won’t drive them out of business.

Get The Most from Your Feed Dollar

At Cache Feeds, we combine generations of experience, extensive research, and advWe carry a wide variety of nutritional products in bags, totes, or bulk, which can be picked up in-store or delivered to your farm. We use only the finest products and work with experienced nutritionists to help commercial livestock and dairy producers bring high-quality products to market.

Cow Cake

When cattle are grazing poor quality forages or are generally lacking protein, “Cow Cake” is an excellent way to fortify their diet.  A 28% all-natural protein that is fortified with all necessary vitamins and minerals provides cattle with the necessary requirements for your herd to be profitable.  This product is designed to be fed at 1- to 2-pounds per head per day.

If your herd has a unique dietary situation, this product can be custom-made to meet your needs.

Free Choice Minerals

One of the keys to a profitable operation is efficiency.  In the cattle business, that means herd health and breed backs.  We have a full line of free choice minerals to keep your animals healthy and profitable.