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No two farms, farmers, or animals are alike. We tailor our feeds to your specific situation. We are proud to be a local, family owned and operated feed company.

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Cache Feeds is proud to be a local, family-owned and operated feed company serving Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and the surrounding area. Thanks to our deep agricultural roots, we understand that dairy operators, cattlemen, and other farmers must take great care in ensuring the quality of the feed they give their animals. Yet they must be mindful of input costs in order to remain profitable. Because no two farms, no two farmers, and no two herds are alike, we carry a wide range of products at very competitive prices, and we personalize our services to your specific needs. You can trust that the professional staff at Cache Feeds will provide you with the information you need to make high quality feed purchase decisions that are right for your operation. Here, at Cache Feeds, we still believe customer service is king.

Our Roots are in Cattle & Grain

Rod Curtis, owner of Cache Feeds, comes from a long line of self-made men and women. A third generation Curtis-family grain farmer and the fourth generation in the cattle business, he knows profitability begins long before an animal hits the market. Cache Feeds is the leading regional supplier of premium, proprietary feeds for a wide range of domestic animals. Rod also owns Cache Cattle, which serves as a vehicle for research and development in the area of feeds.

We’re feeding the Champions!

Quality Feed Built of Quality Relationships

At Cache Feeds, we owe much of our success to the trusted partnerships we have built with the leading nutritionists in specific market areas who assist us in developing the most effective feed for a particular animal and situation. In addition, we strive to build honest relationships with customers, with the intent of helping them receive the best possible return on their feed investment.